Answering Reader Questions

Answering Reader Questions | princecharmingdiapers.comI was thrilled to receive some really excellent questions from a reader on this post that I’d like to answer in greater detail.

The original comment was as follows:

If you don’t mind getting personal, I have a question for you: Did your father (or parents) prepare you during your entire childhood for a betrothal? Did you have any ideas or expectations that you should “fall in love” before marriage? Were you permitted to watch movies (like Disney movies or Jane Austen)? If so, did this impact your feelings or beliefs about romantic relationships before marriage and did your parents actively counter this? Obviously you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, or maybe you can do another blog post about it. 🙂

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No Neutral Ground

No Neutral Ground |

In true homsechooler fashion…

…all ages mingled together as our two families stood around the kitchen talking. Having two unmarried 19-year-old girls (one of whom was myself) in the room, the conversation predictably turned in the direction of romantic relationships. Mrs. R. shared her concern that her children wouldn’t be able to have relationships with the opposite sex without having romantic thoughts towards them, and posed the question, “how are they supposed to treat others as only brothers and sisters in Christ?”

Without thinking, I blurted out, “I don’t think that’s possible.”

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The Betrothal Story of Joshua & Laura

Betrothal Story of Joshua & Laura |

My husband, Joshua, and I met two hours before we said our marriage vows. We began our romantic relationship with a marriage covenant. It’s always fun to see the look of shock on people’s faces when they ask me, “So, how did you two meet?”, but what I enjoy much more than that is the sense of security I have in my marriage, security which began before I had spoken more than four words to my husband.

Let me back up and give you a little context.

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