What About Courtship?

What About Courtship? | princecharmingdiapers.comLet’s Talk Courtship!

After I announced my marriage on an old blog of mine, a young woman commented,

“I want to know more about how you got married! What do you think about courtship?”

In American culture there are really only two romantic relationship options that most people know: dating and courtship; so it’s not surprising that people are confused when someone uses a different term (i.e., “betrothal”) to describe how they got married. It raises eyebrows, and questions are sure to follow.

So today, I’m going to publicly answer that question I received two years ago.

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Welcome to My New Blog

Hey there! I’m so excited to finally be launching a blog for young women about marriage. Specifically, young marriage. This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart because in today’s society we’re seeing couples getting married later than ever before, even in the Christian church.  Some aren’t even marrying at all. Why is this? What can we do about it? What can a Christian girl do in the interim before marriage?

These are some questions, among others, that I hope to answer on this site. So make yourself at home, and please don’t let this be a one-sided conversation! Be sure to comment or even write a note.

God bless,


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